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Our team is highly trained, experienced, and focused on your needs in order to help in achieving the most positive and fruitful results, all while providing outstanding, respectful services.

Whistle Blower's Rights

Whistle Blower’s have the right to remain anonymous. However, just like in the Impeachment Hearings, Whistle Blower's rights to anonymity are constantly being violated by the Opposition to expose a person who honestly comes forward to expose wrongdoing. 


I became a Whistle Blower, and I was attacked by the opposition. This book, “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style” give you the 10 rules that you must know if you intend on Whistle Blowing. These 10 rules will be helpful to you if you intend to take on the bureaucracy, a powerful corporation, or any other entity that violates your Constitutional or Civil Rights. 

Investigative Services

We handle a large variety of investigative services.  These services include locating missing people, background checks, personal investigative services, and a variety of civil investigative services.

Search Request
(avail in all US States)

PROFESSIONAL USAGE:  Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Process Servers, Churches, Corporations, Non- Profit Organizations, or any business that needs to obtain background information about a person.  Personal, Civil, and Criminal information available.


PERSONAL USAGE: Lost contact with a friend and can't locate them on a social media? Wondering if your Online Match is married? Trying to find someone who owes you money? Trying to reconnect with a high school or college friend? Trying to discover if someone has a criminal record? Trying to find a missing relative? Just have some questions about an individual? 

Each search is $100 whether new or returning client.  Discounted rates available for businesses and for multiple search orders.

Social Justice Directory



* You are a professional business or organization that deals with “Social Justice” issues, sells merchandise used in Social Justice forums, or rent rooms or space for rallies. 


* You are a start up business or organization and want to get established and get the same exposure as a large business. 


* You have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, so you can tell your story and try to get assistance in your exoneration struggle.


* You are an Attorney or a Legal Professional and want to let prospective clients know that you can assist them in social justice claims, lawsuits, and other specified cases. 


* You have a “Petition” and are trying to get signatures and exposure for your cause.


* You are in Marketing and Promotions, so you can find partners, associates, marketing aids, contacts, and other businesses in the “Social Justice” arena. 

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